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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Parrys corner–Best place for Shopping in Chennai

Parrys corner is also called as parimunai in Tamil, this is one of the central business district located in Chennai, India, which situated near port at the intersection of North Beach Road and NSC bose road. It was named after Thomas Parry a welsh merchant who set up the EID parry company in 1787. The headquarters of the Parry Company was on the corner so it was called as Parrys corner which is an important place for commercial banking and trading. Being the major hub for the intercity bus service, it is one of the most congested places in the Chennai city.


Shopping in parry’s corner is a thrilling and enjoyable experience; since it is very congested shopping is a kind of hide and seeks game here. Parrys corner had a very famous vegetable market it was called as Kothaval Chavadi which was later taken out by the government of Tamil Nadu. It has a famous Burma basar where you can buy all sort of imported things and it has a famous whole sale market place in George Town which is near the Fort. Parrys corner has many streets which are entirely devoted to selling one particular product, which are Anderson street which deals only with paper and paper product, Badrian street deals only with fireworks, Devarajmudali street deals only with cosmetics, Bunder street deals only with school books Elephant gate street deals with textiles and Kasichetty street deals only with pens and stationeries.


It has two famous temples and one church in it, one of the famous temple is Kalikambal temple which is in Thambu Chetty Street and the other one is Kachaleeswarar temple which is in parrys corner itself. Not only famous for temples it has a very beautiful famous church which is famously known as Anderson church it was constructed in 1859 by Mr. P. Rajagopaul who became the minister of that Church later and it is situated just opposite to the Chennai High Court building.

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