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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Healthy Food For BABIES - Infants


It is really important to give the right nutritious food for the infants. This nutritious food will help the development of the baby both physically and mentally. Given below are the foods which can be given to the babies once they turn four months. Till four months it is strongly advisable to give only mother’s milk and that will suffice the need of the baby. After four months one can start introducing solid and semi solid food to the babies. The first food one can start is with rice liquid. We can get the baby starter food (Rice) in many packed form but it is better to prepare at and it is very easy too. Take a cup of rice wash it in water, then dry it well under the sun and put it in a mixer and make it a powder. When ever you want to prepare the rice liquid for the baby take one spoon of rice powder mix it in water and boil it for few minutes till it turns semi solid. Add a pinch of salt to it. This first food is a very healthy choice for the babies.

Later fruits and vegetable can be given in boiled form. To start with vegetables one can give potato, peas, carrot, beans, and beetroot. It’s always good to start with one vegetable at a time. For example start with potato on a day and continue it for the next four days before starting with the new vegetable. These four days of time will help one to know whether the vegetable is accepted with the baby’s body or its showing any allergic reactions. The vegetable has to boil well in half glass of water then it should be smashed well. It’s ok to add a pinch of salt to it. Fruits like apple, banana can be given in the similar format by boiling it for some time and then smashing it.

Ragi powder can be boiled by mixing it with water and can be given to the babies. They are good source of iron and calcium. Toor dhal can be boiled and only the water can be given to the babies as it is a good source of protein. After nine months one can start with solid foods like idly, rice etc. When giving idly one can combine it with curd and offer it to the babies. The curd should be fresh. The health mix power which has a combination of ragi, rice, corn, peanut and many more are available in the stores and this could be given to the babies. This has lot of fiber and strengthens the bones.

It is good to start with bakery products like bread, biscuits and chocolates after one year. Orange juice and pomegranate juice can be given to the babies during day time. Remember the juice should be prepared fresh and little amount of sugar can added to it. Try to avoid fatty foods since they will put on weight and create problems in the later stage. A healthy and nutritious food will support the babies in their fabulous growth.

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