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Thursday, September 2, 2010

St.Mark Boys Town High School, Jahanuma, Hyderabad

           Education is very important aspect in life. Every parent wants to provide good education to their children. When a child becomes 2 and half years parents start inquiring about various schools to give good quality of education. So, when you join your child in a school we see facilities provided by them such as classrooms, playground, library, computer lab and many more.

           In old city Hyderabad the best school is St. Mark Boys Town High School which contains all the facilities that is required for the students. It has a  50 years of history. The children studied in Boys town high school mostly have good communication skills. The faculties over their always speaks in English with the children. The regular attendance will be taken to maintain the records of the children. Every Saturday exercise classes will be taken to keep the children’s mind active. The class rooms and playgrounds are maintained neatly. The school has Computer lab, play ground, play area, basket ball court, Library and many more. Every Monday assembly will be arranged to know various information's. From every class the house leaders are made. They are responsible for maintaining the class. This leadership was given to increase the leader ship quality and responsibility. Admissions are available from nursery to 10th class. In each class they are 5 divisions called as A,B,C,D,E. This school is located at Jahanuma, Near Shama Theater,Hyderabad.

            Various events takes place on special occasions like Gandhi Jayanthi, Teachers Day, Children 's Day, Annual Day and many others. On that day various cultural activities will be performed like dancing, singing, drama, prize distribution for the winners in various competition like essay, sports, story telling, etc.., So,I think it is the best school in Hyderabad.

Address of St. Mark Boys Town High School:
Near Shama Theater,

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