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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Geographical Indication for Hyderabad Haleem

With the list of Geographical Indication for Tripathi Laddu, Kanchi Silks, Haleem is also awarded for GI (Geographical Indication). This will be known as Hyderabad Haleem. In Hyderabad, Haleem Makers Association selling the delicious dish  called Haleem. Owner of Pista House Mohammad Abdul Majad said that, To stop fake Haleem they have got the Geographical Indication for Hyderabad Haleem. 

Hyderabad Haleem prepared with ghee, mutton and wheat. The process of cooking this Hallem is a time taken one. In a low heat, nearly 12 hours  haleem should be cooked to get  such a paste like form.  Muslims enjoy this food in their Ramalan Month. Chennai, Mumbai, Madurai, Bangalore are also famous for this Haleem, But with the latest GI then we except Hyderabad, no one will use the name Hyderabad Haleem in any other cities.

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