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Monday, September 27, 2010

GVK ONE Mall at Hyderabad as Biggest Aquarium

                    GVK ONE is one of the biggest as well as famous shopping mall that is located in the Hyderabad. In GVK ONE you can see many stores. Here you can get every items like Clothes(for Men, Women, Kids), Accessories, Electronic items, Jewelry and Food. It would be the best place for the people who wants to do their shopping at one place. As soon as we enter into the GVK ONE shopping mall, we can see a Big Aquarium in a cylindrical shape. In that aquarium 100’s of fishes are been placed. We can have a enjoyable time while seeing those fishes in aquarium. Different colors of fishes are placed in aquarium. GVK ONE is maintained in a clean and hygienic way. Most of the people get crowded to see aquarium. This Shopping mall was launched on 1st May 2009.
                    In GVK ONE we can see a largest parking area for vehicles. In this parking area we can see thousands of cars and bikes are parked. GVK ONE is biggest shopping mall which is constructed in 3,25,000 Sq.ft of space. In GVK ONE shopping mall we can see the international brand products like Calvin Kline Mac, Lerros, Levis, Nike, Adidas and many other. Not only this we can even see other stores for food like KFC, Food Court, etc..,
                   GVK ONE is also having a play area for kids. It consists various video games, basket ball game and others… It will be a good enjoyment spot even for kids. We can also see American Corn stand, Chocolate fountain, ice cream stall and many. This GVK ONE is located at Banjara hills, Just opposite to Taj Krishna Hotel.
Aquarium at GVK ONE
GVK ONE shopping mall Hyderabad
GVK ONE Aquarium
GVK ONE Aquarium
GVK ONE Shopping mall
Biggest Aquarium in Hyderabad at GVK ONE shopping mall

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