/**/ Info Bee: Immersion of Ganesh in Tank Bund during Vinayaka Chaturti

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Immersion of Ganesh in Tank Bund during Vinayaka Chaturti

               We all know that Ganapati will be immersed in water on "Ananta Chaturti" i.e.., 22nd of September 2010. Lord Ganesh is immersed in water after 11 days because water is called as "Ganga" Mother of Ganesha. Various Ganesh idol are immersed in various areas like Rajanabai, Hussain Sagar (Tank band) and many others. Among them most of them prefer to immerse the Lord ganapati in Tank Band which is located at Hyderabad. The immersion process at tank band is taking place since 1980's. Many cranes has been arranged during this festival in various areas. Even in tank band most of the cranes will be placed to help out the disciple. On the Ananth Chaturthi most of them visit tank band to see that immersion. This Lord Ganesha's immersions process will start from third day of "Vinayaka Chaturti". We can observe most  of the crowd at tank band during this event of immersion. The biggest, huge and tallest ganesh like Khairatabad ganesh, Balapur ganesh, Aliyabad ganesh and many others are also immersed in tank band. So, from this itself we can come to know the important role of tank band during the Vinayaka chaturthi festival.

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