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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ganesh Laddu at Highest Price in Auctions

              The Ganesh Laddu will be in auctions after offering puja for 11 days. The Ganesh Chaturithi came to an end on 22nd September 2010. In this year 2010, Ameerpet Laddu was the most costliest laddu. Most of them will bid for the laddu and the highest bidder will be the winner of the laddu. Some of the laddu’s fetches in lakhs of rupees. This fetched laddu will be spreaded in the plots or in the farming area. Their is a myth that this will increase the agriculture as well as fertility of the land.


             PLACE                            PRICE( COST)                   WINNER OF LADDU

Ameerpet (Hyderabad):           6.5 Lakhs (18kg)-                  Vaka Vasudeva Rao

Dechavaram (Guntur):              5.99 Lakhs (21Kg)                 Pemmasani Srinivas Rao

Balapur(Hyderabad Old city) :   5.3 Lakhs (21 Kg)                  Sridhar

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