Balapur Ganesh Laddu 2010 price

Monday, September 13, 2010

         Hi friends, Balapur is located at Old City Hyderabad. We all know that during Vinayaka Chavati, every Hindu rise a statue of ganapati and worships it for 11 days. Khairatabad Ganesh is given importance as a bigger and taller Ganesh statue at Hyderabad. Whereas Balapur Ganesh is quite famous for Laddu. Most of the bidder come to Balapur early in the morning of immersion day. The bidding starts at 9 Am. Every year the laddu at Balapur Ganesh fetches in lakhs. The Ganesh Statue will be placed by Bhagayanagar Utsava Samithi every year respectively.

          The biding was started in the year 1994, the winner of Balapur laddu was Kollan Mohan reddy for 450 Rp. Gradually the price of Balapur laddu increased to lakhs.

List of balapur laddu price:

1994- 450 Rp
1995- 2,500 Rp
1996-18,000 Rp
1997- 28,000 Rp
1998- 51,000 Rp
1999- 65,000 Rp
2000- 66,000 Rp
2001- 85,000 Rp
2002- 1,05,000 Rp
2003- 1,55,000 Rp
2004- 2,01,000 Rp
2005- 2,08,000 Rp
2006- 3,00,000 Rp
2007- 4,15,000 Rp
2008- 5,07,000 Rp
2009- 5,10,000 Rp
2010- ???????? Rp -------- Lets wait and see


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