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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dhee Jodi in 5th Episode

Udaya Bhanu gave an excellent performance with Sheker and Kalai Masters . In this 5th episode of dhee5, participants  had given a folk performance on dhee platform.


Masters                    Contestants               Chinni Prakash      Rekha Prakash

Sheker              Prasad and Anusha                    10                            10

Dhana Kumar    Varadharaj & Sruthi                    9                              8

J.V.S                   Sachin & Anshu                       8.5                            8

Poppy                 Tharak & Aparna                      10                            10

Kalai                  Bhushan & Ramya                       8                              8

Dev Kishore        Anil & Anushree                        8                              8


This marks will be carry forwarded to next episode and least scorer will get eliminated. Poppy and Sheker master are in the top spot.

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