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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Latest Virus in Orkut & Twitter Which affects Your computer

Which virus affected the “ORUKT”????

                        While operating the internet, we should to be careful. The unnecessary downloads and accessing some sites will cause dangerous virus affect. Now same virus problem is faced by the famous social networking website “Orkut”. Orkut is been affected by a new virus called as “BOM SABADO”. Bom Sabado is a Portuguese word. The meaning of it in English is “Good Saturday”. Bom Sabado virus affects the profile of a person. Virus started to spread on this Saturday i.e.., 25th September 2010.

How this virus is spread in “ORKUT”???

                          This virus is been spread from one person to another person via “SCRAP”. When a person signs into his/her profile and reads the affected scrapbook (that is affected by this Bom Sabado). Cookies gets stolen and automatically it generates the message and send it as the scrap to the friends from that affected profile. In this way it is been spreading to many profile. The automated scraps looks like a normal scrap. So friends beware of the this virus and be careful while opening a link in the scraps.

How to protect your Orkut profile or computer from this Bom Sabado virus???

                           If your profile is been affected by virus then immediately change your Password as well as Security question. Then log out from your account as soon as it possible. Don’t open your orkut account until the virus problem get solved. This type of virus attack was faced by orkut in February 2010.

Similar type of virus attack on “Twitter”???

                          Twitter is a another social networking website or micro blogging website. It is been attacked by the computer worm. Twitter received XSS exploit. If this virus attacks your computer then it may get shut down.

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