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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Facebook Center in Hyderabad- Facebook Center of Asia

                     Facebook is the social networking website. Everyone feels that Facebook is the best place for meeting friends, making new friends, sharing photos, play games and many others. They are millions of users using this facebook world wide. Facebook has it’s offices at Palo Alto in California, Dublin in Ireland and Austin in Texas. Now a new branch is going to be opened on 30th September 2010 in Hyderabad which is going to be the center of Asia. This would be the first facebook office in Asia. 400  million people use facebook regularly worldwide.  Of which, 8 million users are from India. The New facebook center has been headed by Mr.Kirthiga Reddy and Manoj Varghese. Facebook center will try to reach the new customers locally as well as internationally. The gossip is that the new facebook center is going to recruit more then 500 members. The company is going to invest $150 million in the initial phase. Mr.Don said that they need a talented people who can understand the needs and serve the users, advertiser, developers. It would be a lucky to have a Facebook office at Hyderabad.

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