TRY Out This BROCOLLI RECIPE Tastes Best With Both CHAPATI & PURI || Healthy BROCOLLI RECIPE at Home

Thursday, May 26, 2022



*3 to 4 dry red chilly 

*2 tbs of dhaniya seeds 

*1tbs of fennel seeds 

*1 tbs of jeera seeds 

*1 elaichi,3 cloves, small cinomom(whole garam masala) 

*11 badam(soaked & peeled) 

*2 small sized tomatoes 

*2 tbs oil 

*1 bay leaves 

*2 to 3 green chillies 

*1 medium sized onions finely chopped 

*1 tbs ginger garlic paste 

*Salt to taste 

*Chilly powder(if needed) 

*Pinch of turmeric powder 

*2 tbs hung curd 

*Water as needed 


*Pan+1 tbs oil+ broccoli pieces+saute for 3 minutes+set it aside. 

*Mixer+dry red chilly+fennel seeds+jeera seeds+dhaniya seeds+whole garam masala+badam+grind it into a fine paste+set it aside. 

*Mixer+tomatoes+grind it separately+ set it aside 

*Pan+1 tbs oil+bay leaves+green chillies+onions+saute untill golden brown+ginger garlic paste+cook untill raw smell goes off+tomato puree+salt+chilly powder+turmeric powder+grinded paste+hung curd+brocooli pieces+water as needed+cook it well+serve it with chapati or puri 


*Broccoli have good carb & is high in fiber which aids in digestion,maintains low blood sugar & curbs overeating 

*Broccoli contains high levels of both CALCIUM & VITAMIN K 

*Broccoli helps in maintaining a healthy SKIN.


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