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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Vijay Awards 2015 – 9th Annual Vijay TV awards – Criticism - Controversy

Vijay Awards 2015 – 9th Annual Vijay TV awards – Criticism - Controversy

Vijay TV is one of the Tamil channels, which has earned huge publicity in a short period of time. Vijay TV introduced Vijay Awards which became popular among the film fraternity. Vijay TV awarded many people from the film industry based on their contribution. There were many categories of award which included – Best hero, heroine, comedian, movie, art director, editor, dance master, lyricist, music director etc. For the past few years there has been controversy going around with Vijay awards stating that they are not genuinely given. A lot of people from the film fraternity said that the awards were biased. So, what is the actual controversy? Here are some of the points from the critics,
1.    The awards given were biased and did not include deserving films. In the 9th Vijay awards, films like pisasu weren’t recognized. There are arguments that the jury selected only movies which were owned by Vijay TV (eg. Cuckoo)

2.    The winners were informed about their award beforehand and were pleaded to attend the function. It was also argued that Dr.Ilaiyaraja (Music director) was given a special award but he left the function without taking it because he had to sit there for a long time.

3.    The viewers were not given anything to drink or eat. The viewers were made to sit for more than six hours and weren’t even offered water whereas stars in the floor were given juices and other things to eat.

4.    Important film stars like Vijay, Surya, and Vijay Sethupathy did not attend the function. Critics say that they didn’t attend the function because they thought the awards weren’t real.

5.    The program was hosted for a very long period of time and many stars left the place because they couldn’t stay that long.

Here are some of the points the defenders had to say for the criticism,

1.    First of all, it requires great credibility, network and ability to host a function of this cater and Vijay TV has been doing it successfully for the past 9 years. It is not easy to gather all the stars from the film unit and run a function like this.

2.    There is no single person who is giving these awards. There are jury members who take the decision. The decisions taken by them cannot always satisfy the interest of the people.

3.    Be it any function in the film industry, the viewers are not given anything to eat or drink. This is mainly because it is difficult to act on the dietary restrictions of all the attenders.

4.    The prolong duration of the function was mainly due to the speech given by the awardees and other performances. All these performances were done only to entertain the people. There might be few hundreds who are watching the function in the place but there are lakhs and lakhs of people who are watching it at home in the television at their homes eagerly.

5.    In any award function, encouragement is necessary. If critics keep on posting negative reviews about the Vijay awards function, then how will there be motivation for TV channels to entertain people.
Let’s hope that 10th Vijay Awards comes out without any criticism and entertains us to the core.

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