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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Attica Gold Company – Buying, Selling, Pledging Gold for INSTANT CASH

Attica Gold Company – Buying, Selling, Pledging Gold for INSTANT CASH
Gold has become a vital part in our everyday lives. If one wants to buy gold, it is so easy – just walk into a nearby gold showroom, choose the design, look for the weight, pay for it and now the gold is yours. But have you ever wondered, how one could sell gold easily that too for instant cash?. Or have you ever thought about the transparency in the process while selling gold? 

Few of us opt for jewelry shops or pawn brokers to sell our gold, but have we ever thought whether we are getting good rate for the gold we are selling? Attica Gold Company has the solution to all our questions. Started in the year 2013, Attica Gold Company has its head office in Bangalore. For an individual’s need to sell, buy or release gold – Attica is the perfect place. 

So, what does Attica do?
Attica buys gold for a good rate from the customers and offers transparency in their entire process. Attica has made selling jewels very simple and helping a lot of needy customers who are in urgent requirement of cash. Attica has karat checking machines, which is a latest technology from German. and hence offers the best correct and best rate for the customers. 
Easy steps to sell gold at Attica
  •  Take you gold ornaments to the nearest Attica company
  •  Carry one of your original ID proof and address proof and your passport size photograph
  •  You will need to fill out  a form and hand over the proof documents to the branch staff
  •  The staff will calculate purity using the karat machine, based on the purity the gold will be valued
  •  They will let you know the rate for gold
  •  Once the estimate is made payment will be made as per the requirement of the customer. (depending on the amount value)
  •  Customers can get the money in cash, NEFT or RTGS

Attica also offers pledge release support to settle the loan. This service is available through telephone, online chat, email support or you can walk into one of the branches. The following are the branches of Attica gold company, Queens Road, Yeshwanthpur, Indiranagar, Malleswaram, and Koramangala. Selling gold has been made easier and transparent with Attica’s evolution. Also, the customers can be assured that they are getting the right value for their gold.

For more information about Attica Gold Company http://www.atticagoldcompany.com/

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