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Monday, April 13, 2015

Sunrise Jewellers Bangalore

SUNRISE JEWELLERS which is located in Bangalore city is specialized in manufacturing silver jewellery products. It started to grow up in Jewellery field since 1960 and is running successfully. Sunrise Jewellers Bangalore can do anything in silver and everything in silver. It is well known in India as a producer of Silver articles and Jewellery and is the most trusted Silver shop in Bangalore.

Bangalore Sunrise Jewellers uses pure silver, best quality, attractive designs and good perfection. It has the best and flawless craftsmanship and has its own sophisticated manufacturing unit in Bangalore. It has more than 50,000+ silver articles and enjoys the leadership in silver articles market. All range of silver designs in India as well as handpicked exquisite foreign products is found in Sunrise.

You can find silver products from Silver Rice grain to 1000 kg Silver Bedroom set. It is said to be the kingdom of silver. Sunrise Jewellers online shopping include safe, secure and fast shipping to most part of India.

Products of Sunrise:
  • Silver Articles include Pooja Articles, Dinner sets, Baby collections and Fancy Products.
  • Silver Jewellery includes jewellery for Men, Women and Kids in .
  • Silver Coins and Bar available in Sunrise Jewellery.
  • Gifts like Corporate Gifts, Office Stationary, God Frames, Photo Frames and Fancy Gifts are available in Sunrise Jewellers.
  • Silver Watches for both Men and Women.

Sunrise Jewellers Bangalore
Sunrise New Arrivals:
New Arrivals of Sunrise Jewellers are Banana Leaf or H.B Flower AG Stand, Antic Nilanzana Round Top, Dhristi, Ekdanta, Enarmel Red Rose, G.P Flower Basket, Ganapathi, LGS 100gm Bar, Enamel Leaf Diva/Pink, Betel Leaf Lamp Pair, Lotus Laxmi Agarabatti Stand, Mini Pooja Set, Shell Cup, Silver Pendrive (8GB), Tulip Cupstone, G.P Hybiscus Flower and Antic Nilanzana 5 nose top.
Sunrise Jewellers are available in Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can view and get the latest updates from here.

#511, Main Avenue road,
Phone: 080 22386111
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SunriseJewellers/
Sunrise Website: http://www.sunrisejewellers.com/

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