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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How to apply Australian tourist visa (for delivery purpose) without agent in India

How to apply Australian tourist visa (for delivery purpose) without agent in India
There are so many questions about applying Australian tourist visa from India. Especially when a mother or mother in law wants to visit their daughter or daughter in law, there are a lot of doubts. Few of them think whether it is important to declare the state of pregnancy (of daughters of daughter in laws) while applying for visa. 
It is very much important to declare because the person travelling will be required to take few vaccinations pertaining to be with the baby. Most of the people prefer to go through agents to apply Australian tourist visa as they think it’s difficult to apply by them. The agents, now a days have started charging more money and few of them give false information to the people. I have outlined the steps required to be followed in order to apply for Australian tourist visa.

If you have your family members staying in Australia and you would want to visit them since they are pregnant:

1. You can apply for a 3 or 6 or 12 month visa.

2. If you apply for 3 months visa, generally there is no health checkup. (But it depends on your age and medical condition you put in the visa application)

3. You need to undergo medical examination for 6 or 12 months visa.

4. You will be required to fill in the visa application form. From 1419 (application for a visitor visa) has to be filled in with correct details.

5. Documents needed to be submitted from your side
a) Notarized copies of all pages of the passport.
b) Certified copies of your birth certificate ( it should have both your parent’s names)
c) Recent passport size photograph of yours (45mm x 35mm)
d) Copy of your bank statement (It should have consistent savings history)
e) Copies of other documents which show you have any other savings. (FD or RD )
f) You tax document for three years (if applicable)
g) If you are employed, then get a letter from your organization regarding your leave. Also attach your salary slip, length of employment. If you are running your own business then, show your company registration. If you are retired then show the required documents. If you are a student get a letter from the college or university.

6. Documents to be given by your daughter or daughter in law from Australia. (they can send it to you and you can attach it with other documents and submit it)
a) A letter of invitation from your daughter or daughter in law or other family member.(the letter should state that they are inviting you to stay in their house)
b) Evidence to show that you are related to the inviter
c) Passport copies of the person inviting you
d) Visa status of the person who is inviting you
e) A letter from the doctor or hospital stating that your daughter or daughter in law is pregnant.
f) Copies of inviter’s rental bills, telephone bills, their account summary – if applicable.

7. Take all the required documents along with the application form to the nearest Australia visa application Centre. You can get information about your nearest center from http://www.vfs-au-in.com/contactus.html

8. You will be required to pay the visa application fees. For more information on how much fees you will be required to pay, please visit https://www.immi.gov.au/Help/Pages/fees-charges/visa.aspx

9. You will be notified through email whether you will be required to undergo a health examination or not. You visit https://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/health-requirements/arranging-health-exam.htm to find out more about arranging health examination.

10. The visa processing times will vary between one day to one month depending on the nature of the application. Alternatively you could also visit http://www.vfs-au-in.com/tourist.html for further information.

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