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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Natural / Organic / Easy way to get rid of Mosquitoes

Natural / Organic / Easy way to get rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes have become a very big problem in our place now days. Not only they are annoying and bothersome, they also carry germs. Mosquitoes are the champions of carrying diseases and many diseases are spread through them. The mosquito mats, coils and other mosquito repellents used cause more harm than good. They contain chemicals which are not good for human body and causes rashes, eye irritation and swelling. Also the smells of these repellents aren’t good. Studies suggest that mosquitoes prefer bodies with cooler temperatures than warmer temperatures. Also, they are attracted to darker clothes, sweat and humidity around your body. They are also found to be attracted towards the carbon dioxide we breathe out; they find their hosts thorough it. These might be few of the reasons as to why some people are bitten more by these creatures than others.

Natural / Organic / Easy way to get rid of Mosquitoes

Now, we can’t keep running away from the mosquitoes or use the hazardous mosquitoes’ repellents. So, what do we do? Is there a natural way to get rid of these dangerous mosquitoes? YES! All that we have to do it to find out the natural and organic products to expel these mosquitoes. Citrus and cloves have anti-mosquito properties. Now let’s see how we can make a natural mosquito repellent using these.

To start off,

1) cut a lemon in half.

2) Take around ten to fifteen cloves (depending on the size of the lemon) and insert them in the lemon.

3) Now place this in the room where you wish to. This is definitely the safe and effective way to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

You can use as many lemons as you want depending upon the number of mosquitoes in your house. This method is sure to work wonders and is free from chemicals. Hence, enjoy a mosquito free home naturally!!.

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