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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Nalli Jewelers

Nalli Jewelers

Nalli has been a renowned name in the textile industry and they have been excelling in their textiles business for more than three decades. Nalli emerged into jewelry business some time back and surprised their customers. Be it a wedding occasion or birthdays or anniversary or festival, gold is the perfect gift. They claimed that the customers who buy wedding sarees from their shops showed lot of interest in buying gold from them. Nalli didn’t have to struggle to bring in customers for their jeweller shop since they already had a remarkable customer service history.

Nalli jewellers have got beautiful classic and stylish gold collection. They have wide range of designs to cater for every need. Varied in designs these collections are sure to impress all kinds of age groups and moods. They have got irresistible diamond collections and all the diamonds are certified. These precious stones are sure to bring sparkle in your eyes and smile in your faces. The platinum collections offered by them are magnificent and fashioned with devotion. The stunning silver collections are sure to leave the customers heart flattered. They have got sleek and elegant designs in silver for every occasion.

Nalli also offers gold saving schemes. The tailor made gold plan is definitely a hit among its customers. The customers can buy jewelry equivalent to the accumulated weight with no wastage and making charges or they can buy jewelry equivalent to the total amount accumulated with one month bonus.

The customers are let to choose the plan themselves. The weight based savings and value based savings are definitely different from what other jewelry shops are offering. Also there is no VAT in this savings scheme. They have also got Nalli online collections for their customers to check out online. The Nalli Jewelers located in T.Nagar and in Annanagar, Chennai  have massive collections to offer its customers. So next time when you buy dresses and sarees, from Nalli Silks don’t forget to check out their jewelry collections too!.

Nalli Jewellers

#6, 7 , 8 Nageswaran Road, Opposite to.Panagal Park,

T.Nagar, Chennai - 600 017.

Phone: 044 2434 3344


Nalli Jewellers - Annanagar

W-107,2nd Avenue, Near Roundtana,

Annanagar, Chennai - 600 040.

Phone: 044 26212233

Email: nallijewellers@nalli.com

Website: https://nallijewellers.com

Nalli Toll free number for our Customer Care:

1800 4250 4567 (Time: 9.30am to 9.00pm)  Sunday to Saturday



Also checkout  Nalli Jewellers Bangalore located in

Jewellers Street, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore G.P.O, Bangalore –560001.

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