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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Asika Thanga Maligai Kumbakonam

Asika Thanga Maligai is one of the famous and best jewellery showroom in Kumbakonam. Asika Thanga Maligai is established on the year 2009 and is running successfully every year. It is said to be the best and wonderful jewellery showroom for its valuable customers. It is BIS 916 Hallmark and ISO: 9001:2000 certified shop.

Asika Thanga Maligai

There is no making charge if you buy jewels in Asika Thanga Maligai. You will look beautiful and handsome if you were Asika Thanga Maligai jewels. It has many sections like Gold, Silver and Diamond.

Nakshatra Diamond collections are found in Asika Thanga Maligai Jewellery showroom. It is easily accessible by common people and has parking facilities. There are many offers provided to customers during festival seasons and occasions.

Gold Collections:








Diamond Collections:






Silver Collections:

Silver Articles

Silver Ornaments

Asika Thanga Maligai has made advertisement in YouTube saying that one can blindly purchase any jewels here as it is most trusted showroom also there is no making charges. You have 3 beautiful children come for the advertisement letting you know about the best collections in Asika Thanga Maligai.

Asika Thanga Maligai

Customers will be delighted to see the marvellous collections in gold, silver and diamonds. You can find Antique Jewellery since people are becoming fond of these. They will introduce new types of collections during festival seasons and you can find discounts on certain jewellery products. Everyone in Kumbakonam enjoys and loves to shop in Asika Thanga Maligai as they can buy their everlasting jewellery here. Every piece of jewellery is unique and attractive. One can find suitable jewellery from infants, kids, men, women to business people. It is well known for its quality and service to its valuable customers.

Come and enjoy the beautiful collections of your favorite jewellery in Asika Thanga Maligai Jewellery showroom.


No 25, Nageshwaran North Street,

Near Diamond Theatre,

Kumbakonam Ho, Kumbakonam - 612001

Phone numbers:

Mobile: +(91)-9841749259, 9940647331

Landline: +(91)-435-2431385, 2400039, 2403686

Fax: +(91)-435-2403686

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