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Saturday, March 14, 2015

C.M.R Jewellers

C.M.R Jewellers

C.M.R Jewellery is located at Secunderabad H.O. in Hyderabad which is one of the best jewellery showroom in CMR Shopping mall. There are many different new designs and excellent designs in Gold, Diamonds and Silver items. CMR jewellery Hyderabad provides excellent service to its loyalty customer’s. Each and every product that you purchase in CMR, Hyderabad is pure in quality. It has 22 carat and 24 carat designs.

CMR Jewellers

CMR Jewellers have extremely uncut diamond, gold and gemstone collections. It has long and short uncut haram which attracts most of the customer who visits this place. CMR Jewellery has made itself popular by allowing famous actresses and models to wear their jewels on the first display of particular jewellery designs. Actress Sneha came to the launch of new diamond section at the CMR Hyderabad mall. Many models wearing the beautiful and attractive collections of CMR Jewellery posed during the fashion show which was held on this Diamond launch.

It includes different sections as below:

· Uncut diamond Jewellery

· Uncut Gold Jewellery

· Gold Antique Jewellery

· Bridal Jewellery

· Gold Gemstone Jewellery

· Silver items

You can also see vast collections of Diamond Jewellery like Nakshatra, Asmi, Nirali, D-Dmas etc. in CMR Jewellers. Also like Diti, Pgi, Cygnus etc. in Gold Jewellery.

CMR Jewellers

CMR Jewellery

In CMR, you can find a vast variety of Diamonds jewellery in section like uncut Diamond Bangles, Earrings, Jhumkas, Long Chain, Necklace, Pendant, Rings and Vaddanam. All the customers who like to purchase in CMR will be glad to find lots of unique and antique jewellery designs. CMR Jewellery have Antique Bangles, Antique Earrings, Antique Long Chain, Antique Necklace, Arm vanki, Armlet, Bridal Necklace, Gold Pendant, Gold Long chain, Gold Jada, Gold Kada, Gold Earrings, Gold Rings, Gold Necklace, Gold Haram, Ruby Pendant, Ruby Bangles, Ruby Long chain, Ruby Necklace, South Sea Pearls Necklace, Pearl Bangles, Pearl Earrings, Pearls set, Emerald Bangles, Emerald Earrings, Emerald Necklace, Fashion Jewellery, also Silver items with unique attractive designs.

One of the best shopping place for wedding collection in Hyderabad is CMR Jewellers. You can buy jewels at best quality and best price. Discounts are offered in month of festivals and occasions. Lovers of Gold will love to shop in CMR Jewellery.


Patny Centre, Secunderabad H.O., Hyderabad -500003

Phone Number: 040-27804733 / 040-23756627

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