How to Prepare or Mix Lactogen Powder for My Baby??

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

For small kids this lactogen powder suits best. You can feed this milk up to 24 months. It’s safe when compared to other ordinary milk. In Bangalore, Lactogen is highly selling milk powder. It has high demand when compared to farax.

Most of don’t follow correct instructions while mixing the milks for the baby. We must be careful while preparing the milk.

Some of the instructions to be followed are below:

1. Must be hygienic while preparing the milk.

2. Do not mix more scoops of milk powder than directed, As it doesn't provide water needed for your baby.

3. Do not add lesser scoops of mix power than directed, It will not provide adequate nutrients.

4. While mixing see that the water is hot. It must be boiled well. If the water is warm then the milk powder may not mix well with water.

Mixing Level/ quantity of Lactogen:

For 90 ml of water 3 scoops of milk powder must be added.

For 120 ml of water 4 scoops of milk powder must be added.

For 150 ml of water 5 scoops of milk powder must be added.

For 180 ml of water 6 scoops of milk powder must be added.

For 210 ml of water 7 scoops of milk powder must be added.


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