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Sunday, March 15, 2015


KRIZZ Jewellery

KRIZZ is one of the modern Jewellery Manufacturer and its infrastructure is located at Chengelpet, Chennai. KRIZZ is a unit of Kanishk Gold Private Ltd. KRIZZ Chennai is one of the fastest growing jewellery manufacturers in India as well as targeting its growth internationally through Jewellery Fairs.

KRIZZ introduces more than 4,000 new designs every month and is now showing its interest in manufacturing different models of Italian Chains. KRIZZ Bangalore always wanted to provide its customer with high quality, superior finish, light weight and contemporary designs. Light weight category like Hollow Rope Chains, Loose Balls, and Hollow Tubes with high finish diamond cuts and automatic lobster locks are being in constant demand by its valuable dealers and customers.


KRIZZ Mumbai has introduced Light Weight Hollow products known as "RIVA COLLECTION" and has launched “KADA COLLECTION” at GJIIE2013 at Chennai Trade centre. KRIZZ used to participate in all jewellery fair in India as well as internationally. KRIZZ Jewellery manufacturer has always participated in GJIIE Jewellery Fair every year and used to display many new and attractive designs for the dealers.

KRIZZ Jewellery

KRIZZ used to participate in all Jewellery Fairs held at Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kerala, Mumbai, New Delhi, Singapore, Dubai, Ahmadabad, Kolkata and Sri Lanka in order to promote its growth. KRIZZ has become popular due to its tremendous collections of jewellery.

KRIZZ Products:

· Necklace – It has designs like Stamping Necklace, Fusion Necklace, and Italian Fusion Necklace which is over 1,500.

· Bracelets – It has Bracelet designs over 1,200

· Rings – It has Rings designs over 30,000 like Gem Stone Rings.

· Pendants – It has Pendants designs over 10,000.

· Ear Studs - It has Ear Stud designs over 8,000.

· Chains – It has designs like Hollow Rope Chain, Solid Chain, Stamping Chain, Hollow Rope Chain, Solid Millennium Chain, Hollow Rope Ball Vertical Chain and Italian Chain.


KRIZZ has branched at Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore in India and its planning to open more branches in Mangalore, Vijaywada and Thrissur.



Krizz Corporate Office

No.39, North Usman Road,

7th Floor, Prashanth Real Gold Tower,

T.Nagar, Chennai - 17.

Phone: 044 - 3090 3300

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