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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Jamdani sarees

Jamdani sarees

Jamdani which is centuries old is also known as Dhakai Jamdani weaving tradition originated in Dhaka District, Bangladesh which is one of the finest textiles of West Bengal. UNESCO declared Jamdani as the Intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Jamdani sarees are feather-light and sheer sarees with fine motifs woven all over the body to give a luxurious and exclusive finish. Many Jamdani weavers and Jamdani industries promote online shopping of Jamdani.

Hand woven Jamdhani designs in cotton and gold intend to improve the aesthetic appeal and worth of handloom cotton fabrics. Jamdhani weaving has handlooms in cotton in Bengal, Assam and South Varieties. Jamdhani is an addition in making of traditional varieties of cotton and silk handlooms such as the Banaras, Uppada, Kanchipuram, Dharmavaram, Venkatagiri and Mysore Sarees.

Variation of Jamdani:

· Daccai Jamdani which is known for its colorful motifs.

· Shantipur Jandhani which is known for its soft texture

· Tangail Jamdani which is known for its traditional borders

· Dhonekai Jamdani which is known for its colourful hues.

Paisley Motif is the most attractive design feature of the Jamdani Saree. Design motifs are added by hand during the course of the Jamdani weaving to give embroidery effect.

Jamdani Sarees Online:

One can find huge attractive and exclusive designs of Jamdani Sarees through Online shopping. Jamdani Sarees online include exclusive half silk Jamdani saree, handmade dhaki jamdani cotton saree, Jamdani wedding saree and much more.

There are many online shopping website like Unnati Silk, Jamdani Shop, Culturebuy, Utsavfashion etc., to purchase Dhakai Jamdani sarees. Jamdani Shop online offer home delivery and cash on delivery of Jamdani Sarees in Dhaka. Also have wholesale and retail prices for valued customers. Unnati Silks online offers exquisite designer Jamdhani Cotton sarees with matching blouse for sale. Grand and exclusive Cotton and Silk Jamdani Sarees are found in Utsavfashion.

Jamdani sarees


Jamdani sarees


Jamdani sareesJamdani sareesJamdani sarees


You can find many varieties of Jamdhani cotton sarees with different color combination. You will love shopping Jamdhani sarees online.

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