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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pothys Online Shopping

Pothys is the fantastic place for silks and silk saress. For important occasions like wedding, birthday, engagement, and other festivals Pothys is the unique place to purchase dresses for all age groups. Starting from age 0 to 100 they have variety of dresses.

Some of their products are as follows:
Samudrika Pattu , Parampara Pattu , Vastrakala Pattu , Leganga Sarees , Simmer Sarees , Embroidery Sarees , Kancheepuram Silks , Bridal Collections , Partywear Sarees , Printed Silks , Handloom Silks , Silk Cotton , Crepe Silks , Designer Sarees , Kutty Sarees , Casual Wear , Churidhar Materials , Micro Silk , London Georgette , Exclusive Collections , Dhoties

Recently they have launched Pothys online shopping facility ( www.pothys.com). Their Virtual Tour will make you the experience that you are directly in their shop.

Pothys Samudrika Pattu:
Pothys is one of the famous textile showrooms in Chennai. It has a large range of collections for men, women and kids. Pothys samudrika is also famous by the name “trisha pothys saree” or “trisha samudrika pattu”. The brand ambassador of samudrika pattu is “trisha”. Heroin Trisha likes quite beautiful and gorgeous in those samudrika pattu saree.

History of Samudrika Pattu:
Pothys Samudrika
In Pothys saree collections, one of the popular pattu saree introduced by them is pothys samudrika pattu. It is one of the perfect creations for the beautiful women’s according to Vedas. In simple words, we can say samudrika pattu is a “sarava Lakshana Pattu”. This pattu sareez is designed in unique way and it will be different from other pattu sarees. The sareez at potys are made up of best quality of pure silk. Samudrika pattu online shopping is also available which can yield you the shopping experience at home. Pothys International delivery service is also available. If you have a look at the samudrika pattu saree images then you will come to know about the wonderful colors and designs hidden in it. samudrika saree price is normal for the middle class people and if you want to go for the costly samudrika sarees then it is available even for Rs. 60,000. Hope that you will make use of this samudrika silk sarees online to make the purchase. Just have a look at samudrika pattu trisha series then you can come to know about the beauty and design of the saree.

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