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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bangles at Charminar, Old City, Hyderabad

Normally, when we talk about bangles, immediately we remember the place Charminar which is quite famous for it. Hyderabad is also called as city of pearls. It's just because of it's enchanting pearls, delicious cuisine as well as Hyderabadi bangles. Bangles bring beauty to women. Most of them come from far places to purchase bangles at Charminar. We can see many sellers near Charminar. We can see large varieties of bangles at old City Hyderabad. Some of them are listed below.

   1.  Wedding bangles: Most of them prefer the bangles which are decorated with Rubi or shiny stones.
   2. Plastic bangles: Usually children wear these types of bangles because it is unbreakable.
   3. Indian Glass Bangles: Married women wear its glass bangles because it the culture which is to be follow in Hinduism.
   4. Pearl Bangles: When we go to party this type of bangles bring more beauty.
   5. Kundan bangles: Party wear
   6. Fashion bangles, Indian bangle Bracelets, Bracelets: It would be the perfect outfit for college going girl. 
   7. 22k gold bangles: It suits everyone.

at Old City Hyderabad, blends both tradition and modern. The Cost of the bangles at Charminar ranges from Rs.10 to Rs.1000. Depending on the model and design the rate varies.

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