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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Making/ Preparation of Hyderadad Old City Pani Puri at home

You can see man pani puri bandhi's on road side but that may not be much hygienic and clean. Why don't you prepare/ make pani puri at home????  Just follow the below steps

Preparation of puri: You can make the puri by mixing the equal quantity of midha and rava. Add half table spoon of soda powder. Mix it well and make it a smooth dough( note:Beating the mixture would help in making of better puri). Make it into small puries and fry them well. You can even get instant puri's in super market.

Preparation of Pani (Masala Pani): You can get the pani puri powder in the market which may cost just Rs. 19. Just take 1 table spoon of pani puri powder. Mix it in 500ml of water. Then add 1 chilly powder, few drops of lime, mint paste, little ginger paste and mango powder.

Preparation of Stuff: You can make your stuff with potato or with batani. With the help of the cooker boil the potatoes/ batani. After cooling it, just smash them and take that in a kadai and add pepper, garam masala, little chilly  powder & salt to taste. Add masala pani to the stuff because it brings more taste.

While serving pani puri, garnish it with onions, tomatoes, kotmir and seva.

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