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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Offers Reward Points and Parties are Offerd a Pizza Hut Chennai

          Everyone likes to have delicious pizza. Preparing pizza at home doesn't work out correctly. To have tasty pizza one must reach "PIZZA HUT". Secret of taste behind Pizza at Pizza hut is just due to the natural ingredients.  

         At pizza hut you can get various items like
  • Beverages
  • Appetisers
  • Soups & Salads
  • Pastas
  • Pizza and
  • Desserts
In Beverages, we can get excellent items like sakes, cold coffees, mocktails, iced tea, lemonades, aerated drinks and tea. They have added latest new drinks to the menu like Mango mint margarita, strawberry romance and hazelnut & new coffee rendezvous.

You can start your meals with delicious apptisers. Some apptisers present at pizza hut are hut potato shells, onion rings, potato criss cuts, potato wedges, assorted platter, garlic bread spicy supreme, garlic bread exotic and many others.........

Soups and salads are really good for health. It contains all proteins and vitamins in it. Pizza hut provided fresh soups and salads. Tango apple salad, fresh garden salad, chicken caesar salad, smoked chicken 'n' apple salad, pasta mint salad are the items that are available at pizza hut..

Cheesy bites, American pan pizza, stuffed crust etc.., are the healthy pizza that are available. Pizza's are made up of 22 poppable cheese filled bites. Pizza's are available in personal and classical sizes, Person pan pizza or medium pan pizza. Depending on the size and type of pizza the cost (price/rate) varies.

In desserts you can see 2 varities i.e.., sharable desserts and ice cream scoops. In ice cream scoops you can have some variates like fruit duet, classical vanilla, chocoholic symphony, honey crunch classic and many others... Next coming to sharable desserts, choc chip sundae, trio temptation, ebony 'n' lvory are some of the famous and popular desserts which are mostly preferred by the customers.

Pizza hut has introduced 7 new exiting pastas which are mouth watering dishes. In pasta you can get both veg and non- veg. In non- veg, spicy tomato, arrabbiata, herbed tomato sauce and creamy stroganoff. Similarly, in veg you can have arrabbiata, creamy spinach and mushroom, creamy mushroom and many others. 

Now you can save your 32% of money by ordering King size meals. By using this you can order for 2, 4 or 6 persons. You can have royal king size meals with pastas or pizza.

Even celebrations/ parties can also be made at pizza hut. Kitty parties and corporate lunches are the occasions that are mainly celebrated at pizza hut.

Pizza hut also offers reward points for the amount that you spend. You can get 3% rewards on all you spend. you need to register in that offer and they will provide a card. You must provide it during the payment of bill. 100 rewards equal to Rs.100. Hurry up friend have a venderful time and a international dining experience. 

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