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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pothys Hyper – T.Nagar, Chennai

Pothys Hyper – T.Nagar, Chennai

Pothys is a leading textile showroom in Tamil Nadu. Pothys is always known for the quality of products offered. Pothys offers exceptional quality and they are dedicated in providing it always. Another important factor which distinguishes it from other retail textile shops is the customer service offered by them. 

Pothys became very popular among people after it was voted as the most preferred saree show room in Chennai by Sun TV and Neilson survey. Pothys also won Guinness record for manufacturing the world’s longest saree in the year 2005. Pothys started many retail showrooms across Tamil Nadu after their success in Chennai.  Pothys Hyper is the recent showroom opened in T.Nagar.

Pothys Hyper (All in one Pothys) was inaugurated recently and in very few days it has started to gain extreme popularity among the people. Pothys Hyper is said to a lot of other things including textiles. Some of the other ranges which could be found in Pothys Hyper are the beauty products, home appliances, provisions, vegetables, fruits, decorative items and other house hold products. Pothys hyper is said to have a variety of products in different ranges at low prices. The prices are low but the options are huge at Pothys Hyper.

Pothys Hyper is said to target the customers who would like to have a world class experience at low prices. Also, it is a one stop destination for all the products which a customer would require. The Pothys Hyper is located in Usman road, T.Nagar (Opposite to the T.Nagar bus stand). Since it is location in the prime destination, it is sure to attract more customers who would like to do a quick and efficient shopping.  Pothys has innovated many life style brands and successfully launched them to their customers.  

Pothys Hyper has already created many expectations among the people in Chennai and their one stop destination is sure to captivate the interest of their customers. Pothys also has a face book page where it updates about the Pothys Hyper products and costs. It’s worth a look at the page as it also has updates on new releases of sarees, salwars and kids clothing. 


No 84-85, Usman Road, 
T Nagar, 
Chennai - 600017, 
(Near T Nagar Roundtana / Bus Depot)

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