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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Britannia Tiger Biscuits

Tiger Golden Biscuits
Britannia Tiger Biscuits are high in nutrition as it contains wheat and milk. It is great in taste. It is fortified with 25% Daily Growth Nutrients like Iron, Calcium and Vitamins for children health. Britannia Tiger Biscuits was launched in 1997 and is one of the biggest brands in the kids sector. Tiger Biscuits can be eaten at any time due to its good taste and healthier product. Britannia Tiger Biscuits offers fun and energy to kids.
As per the advertisement T stand for Taakat, I stand for Iron, G stand for Glucose, E stand for Energy and R stand for Roz. When Children are with empty stomach they need the right food to keep them active and charged. Britannia Tiger biscuits are good for children. Britannia New Tiger Biscuits consists of Tiger Glucose, Tiger Krunch Chocó-chips Cookies, Tiger Krunch Fruit and Nut, and Tiger Orange and many more flavors. The price varies from Rs 5 to Rs 15 so that every class of people can enjoy eating.
Tiger Gold Contest:
Tiger Gold contest is now extended till 30th June, 2015. You have a chance to win gold biscuit. Find your 7 digit lot number on the pack. SMS to 56677. Or give missed call to 08880388803. And stand a chance to win gold every hour. Don’t miss this chance of winning gold.
Britannia Tiger Biscuits
Britannia Tiger Biscuits
Britannia Tiger Biscuits
Tiger Glucose:
This biscuit has Iron, Calcium and Vitamins that help moms keep their little Tigers strong and roaring.
Tiger Butter Krunch and Tiger Krunch Choco Chip:
This biscuit is sprinkled with delicious Choco Chip which makes Tiger Krunch crunchier.

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