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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Maggi Noodles Ban in India/ Maggi Noodles Controversy

Maggi Noodles Ban in India/ Maggi Noodles Controversy

Maggi has been the delicious food in the past few years. Maggi has tingled the taste buds of many people in India. Be it kids or adults or elderly people, all of them would vote for Maggi as the easiest and delicious food. Maggi noodles became very popular among the people since it is easy to prepare and tasted great. Maggi would be the quickest breakfast or dinner in most of the homes. Nestle, the company which produces Maggi noodles advertised it in such a way that it looked healthier. But, now the problem has started. Few Maggi noodles packets in Delhi were found to have high lead content and they were asked to be removed!!

The controversy about Maggi noodles began on May 20 when few sample taken in the Uttar Pradesh state were found to have seven times more lead than the permissible amount. Fifteen packets of Maggi noodles were tested and thirteen were found to have high lead content. More over MSG (monosodium glutamate) is also said to have found in Maggie noodles. The MSG is said to act on the nervous system give us the feel that the food we are eating is tastier and delicious. The minister for consumer affairs said that they will take action against companies that do not adhere to the food production standards. When high lead content products are consumed, it leads to several health problems which include headaches, stomach problems etc. The ban was imposed on military canteens too. The military canteens were also not allowed to sell Maggi noodles. The samples of Maggi noodles taken from Delhi were found to have high lead content were as samples taken from Kerala, Goa had permissible limits of lead. Tamil Nadu government is also looking into the issue and banning Maggi.

What does the Nestle Company have to say on this? Nestle claims that the samples taken were beyond the expiry date. They also refused that about the Maggi recall from the shops.  Nestle also said that they conducted many external and internal lab test on Maggi and the lead content in the packets were well within the limits of the food regulations of India. Many popular actors were brand ambassadors for these products. Madhuir Dixit, Amitab Bachan, Priety Zinta all of them have endorsed Maggi noodles. Now, after the issue has risen no one has made any meaningful tweets about it. There are talks about taking judicial actions against these celebrities. It is also said that celebrities should show responsible behavior while acting in advertisements.

A final verdict is waited yet on the Maggi noodles issue. Nestle is said to have lost more than 10,000 crores in share market due to this issue.  Issues of these kinds aren’t new in India. India has already seen issues In Coco cola, Kellogg’s corn flakes, Quaker oats etc. It is very important that the food production regulations are followed in order to deliver consumable and adulterant free products.

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