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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bannari Amman Group

Bannari Amman Group:
One of the biggest Industrial firms in South India is the Bannari Amman Group dealing with the distinct range of tasks like trading, distribution, manufacturing and financing. Bannari Amman Group focuses more on the welfare of the society and then on achieving greater means in the private sector for maintaining the even distribution between their profitability position and public welfare. Their main mission is to satisfy their people with the quality standard. They involve in manufacturing and trading of sugar, alcohol, liquor, granite, cotton yarn etc and sell the automobiles of leading brands involving in the financing activities. They also involve in the service of health care system, expanding education, power energy, and real estate and so on.
clip_image001 Alcoholic Products:
Bannari Amman Sugars Limited has distillery at Bhavani in Tamil Nadu and there they manufacture over 60,000 litres of Alcohol and Extra Neutral Spirit from sugarcane molasses everyday. The second distillery is at Nanjangud in Karnataka State where they also create 60,000 litres of Alcohol and Extra Neutral Spirit everyday and a plant which destroys by burning wash with 2 MW power generations has been started functioning in the distillery. The two Bio-Gas Technologies one from Germany Ro-Chem and Know-how from France has taken steps to control the pollution and protect the environment.
clip_image001[1] Automobiles:
Mitsubishi Motors Automobile is the trusted dealer of Bannari Amman Group. They sell the products like Lancer and Cedia Passenger cars, Pajero, Montero, Outlander- SUV’s and Hindustan Motors Ambassadors cars at Tiruchirappalli District, Tamil Nadu.
clip_image001[2] Education:
BTI Mission:
Bannari Amman Institute of Technology (BIT) provides the necessisity of technical skill and information through education in a friendly environment. To develop the economy of the country, students are provided opportunities for study and research by offering excessive amount of new concepts with a system of industry-institution interaction through industry liaison cells, basing on engineering technology and research. The institute also understands the students’ needs, goals and ambitions.
All the departments are in charged by the professors who are experts in their fields with doctorates; the academic events are carried out by the team of Professors, Assistant Professors and Senior Lecturers. The institute has a friendly environment wherein students can express their thoughts, doubts and views freely without any hesitation. The perfect infrastructure facilities, the right advice let the students skilled, qualified and confident in the field of engineering and technology. They have the following departments:
§ General Engineering
§ Physical Sciences
§ Mathematics
§ English
§ Physical Education
Best Training Centre:
Bannari Amman Group has different sectors like sugar, distillery, textiles, garments, agro-products, finance, automobiles, transport, and so on which has backed the Bannari Amman Institute of Technology. The nearness of the group to the institute provides easy way to their industrial units and the advantage of understanding the industrial procedures and functions for the training which will lead to the development of industry liaison cell.
Courses Offered:
The students are given prizes with Bachelors Degree in Engineering and Applied Sciences from Anna University, Coimbatore for the completion of the following courses offered by the institute:
UG Courses include:
Bachelor of Engineering (BE)
o Civil Engineering*
o Mechanical Engineering*
o Mechatronics
o Electrical and Electronics Engineering*
o Electronics and Communication Engineering*
o Computer Science and Engineering
o Computer Science and Engineering*
o Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
o Aeronautical Engineering
Bachelor of Technology (B Tech)
o Textile Engineering*
o Textile Te3chnology (Fashion Technology)
o Information Technology*
o Biotechnology
PG Courses include:
Master of Engineering (ME)
o Engineering Design*
o Applied Electronics*
o Communication Systems
o Computer Scei9nce & Engineering
o Power Electronics & Drives*
o Software Engineering
o VLSI Design
o Structural Engineering
o Embedded Systems
Master of Technology (M Tech)
o Biotechnology
Master of Science (M Sc)
o Software Engineering
Master of Computer Applications (M C A)
Master of Business Administrations (M B A)
Ph.D. / M. S. – All the departments are known by the Anna University of Technology Coimbatore to present research programmes.
The institute provides the students the best learning resource with modern facilities and resources in the form of CD-ROM, the materials which are useful for the students are also available in the department libraries. In the library there are many librarians who maintain books, newspapers, non-book materials, back volumes, project reports, renewal of books etc. you can also get online admission and much more.
clip_image001[3] Traders:
Bannari Amman Group is involved in international trade recognized by the Government Export House. After the Economic Liberalization, they were involved in the import and export trade of the country. The company imports the selected products or commodities from India. Since 1995 they were exporting different kinds of goods mentioned below:
· Bulk Chemical- Pharma
· Cashew
· Coffee
· Diamond- Cut &Polished
· Egg
· Formulations- Pharma
· Garments- Knitted & Woven
· Granite- Blocks, Slabs, Tiles & Monuments
· Groundnut
Manufacture & Export-
· Rice
· Sesame Seeds Starch- Corn & Tapioca
· Stock Lot Fabrics
· Stock Lot Garments Knitted/Woven
· Sugar
· Sugarcane- Bagasse
· Sugarcane- Molasses
· Tanning Chemicals- Veg
· Tea
· Turmeric
clip_image001[4] Food Products:
Bannari Amman Flour Mill Ltd. has two units wheat flour mill one in Coimbatore and another one in Chennai. But the Chennai unit came into existence in the year 2002.
The Coimbatore and Chennai Mill have the ability to crush over 132 Metric Tons which produces pure, nutritive and which is good for health The wheat products produced everyday are Maida, Sooji, and Atta and by product Wheat Bran. In South India, the high quality wheat products are offered under the name given by the makers to the products as ‘Bannari’ and ‘Tiger’. The wheat products are processed by imported German Machinery and are made with best wheat from country’s strongly growing fields of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat. The byproduct admires many of the consumers and traders due to its high quality which well known not only in India but also in abroad markets for consuming it in a different ways like bread, noodles, pasta etc. in Chennai the machineries are brought from Italy and the Ocrim Company mixes different types of wheat which includes in a unique technology is a specialty of this unit.
clip_image001[5] Granite:
The unit is active, concentrated, dedicated and sticking on their growth with the experienced, skilled and knowledgeable staff working together and with its high quality product they have gained the profit or trust from their customers and clients across the world. They have many sorts of granite; some of them are Black Absolute, Impala Black, Colombo Juparana, Indian Juparana, Kuppan Green etc. and they have many granite processing facilities also. 80,000 square metres of granite slabs for manufacturing, of Export Unit has found their way across the country is under Bannari Amman Sugars Limited.
clip_image001[6] Health Care:
Vedanayagam Hospital came into existence in 1981 at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Their main purpose is to offer quality life to the people and provide welfare to the society. The hospital has an excellence medical facilities and surroundings. They also give clinical advice; care, help and support have to do with Urology, providing best medical consideration by skilled staff and highly developed and complex equipment. From last twenty five years the hospital has earned many firsts in India.
clip_image001[7] Power Generators:
At present the group is producing 78 MW to 156 Wind Turbines in the windy areas like Poolavadi, Gudimangalam, Muppandal, Karunkulam, Radhapuram, and Irukkanduri in Tamil Nadu State. He power is supplied to the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board’s Grid. The co-generation power in Bannari is 84.8 MW and the co-generation is regarded as the best way of producing electricity. The Bannari Amman Sugars Limited has produced co-generation with the ability of 16 MW and is supplying extra to the Karnataka State by 13 MW. And now the maximum value has increased upto 36 MW. Also they have established 20MW and 28.8 MW Co-generation in their sugar units 1 & 4 in Tamil Nadu from January 2012.
clip_image001[8] Transportation:
clip_image001[9] The Sakthi Murugan Transports Limited is better known for the expert services by experienced employees & for their excellence work. They have earned the trust of many of the companies for handing over their bulk of products without destroying it on time and also see that they do not disappoint them. They do delivery of products for FACT, Cochin, IFFCO Bangalore, and Sugar &IMFL for different industries.
clip_image001[10] The Shiva Cargo Movers Limited has been servicing since 1985. They transport liquid cargo, molasses and alcohol. As they know that the cargo is highly sensitive to carry out for the external atmosphere or transportation they handle this activity very carefully and with utmost care and do not crush the trust of their customers.
clip_image001[11] Bannari Amman Sugars Limited:
The unit was started in the year 1986 with the capacity of 1250 Tonnes of cane crush near Sathyamangalam, Erode District. Now the capacity has increased to 4000 TCD and has the ability to create 300 MT refined sugar.
It was started in the year 1992 with the capacity of 2500 TCD and now it is 7500 TCD near Nanjanguda, Mysore District in Karnataka. They have established 500 MT in Sugar Refinery.
The unit has 2500 TCD maximum amount to crush the cane with the unity of M/s. Maheswara Sugars Ltd. in Kunthur Village near Kollegal in Karnataka.
The unit is at Kolundampattu Village, Thandarampattu Taluk, Tiruvannamalai District n the year 2010 has 5000 TCD and 28.8 MW Co-generation with 500 tonnes Sugar Refinery .
The Madras Sugars Ltd started from 16th May 2011 at Vengur Village Thirukovilur Taluk, Villupuram District in Tamil Nadu has joined to the Bannari Group containing 3600 TCD Sugar & 25MW Co-generation and now with a new Co-generation power with 25MW has been operated on 20th May 2011 with Tamil Nadu Electricity Board.
clip_image001[12] Textiles:
Bannari Amman Group entered into the manufacturing process of Cotton yarn in 1989 near Dindigul doing well in domestic and in international market. The mill produces over 4000 spindles and around 20 tons of cotton yarn. They have set up a second spinning unit in 2009 with 5000 spindles creating 30 tons of cotton yarn capacity. They also manufacture 12 tons of grey knitted fabric by establishing 30 circular knitting machines. The mills are experts in producing 100% cotton yarn and 25% is exported to East European Countries. With the maximum amount of producing 3 lakhs knitted garments, the company has set up a unit near Coimbatore by the name Yeswe Garments.
Bannari Amman Group has two Spinning Mills and the mills are supplied with the generation spinning machinery from LMW Coimbatore, Reiter Switzerland, Auto corners from Schlafhorst Germany TFO from Volkmann Muratae. And they are also supplied with testing equipments for the checking of raw cotton and yarn and they get the equipment from Uster Switzerland. The mills have spent more on Reiter Com4 Sussen Elite Compact Spinning to achieve a good result with 70000 spindles. The maximum ability to produce is 24 Lakh Meters and they produce 11.52 Lakh Meters of Fabric and 5.83 Lakh Meters of water proof fabric. The company has 27 windmills which creates 23.40 MW.

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