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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Dresses for Women 2012

Summer Dresses for Women 2012: Here are some of the Indian Styles and Western Styles that can be tried this summer to look stunning and still be comfortable. Cotton is the most preferred material during summer. Cotton has the ability to make air go pass through it easily making it cooler especially if you are out under the hot sun. Cotton at the same time absorbs sweat easily compared to other types of materials.


1. Cotton Sarees

2. Salwar Kameez

3. Lehnga Skirts

4. Capries and Pajamas

5. Cotton Dupatta

Cotton Sarees: A first option, for every woman in India is the cotton saree during summer and is declared as the most comfortable style of clothing for Summer. Cotton Sarees looks elegant for every woman. Cotton saree does not absorb heat and makes the body cool.

Cotton Sarees

Salwar Kameez: We have lots of collections of cotton Salwars. They look simple and wonderful when worn and also look grand. Colors and design looks good.

Salwar Kameez

Lehnga Skirts: All the leading ‘ethnic’ brands in India are full of Lehnga Skirts. Lehnga Skirts are full length cotton skirts with a very wide hem.

Lehnga Skirts

Capries and Pajamas: The Indian block prints and embroidery is converted to a cool casual styles with the help of Pajamas.

Capries and PajamasCapries and Pajamas

Cotton Dupatta: It is said to be evergreen cotton dupatta since it is used as a scarf or a sun block and most useful accessory for summer. People use it over shirts or jeans and very useful in summer.

Cotton Dupatta


Here are cute summers western dresses for Women trends 2012. The short Sheer dress looks elegant which makes you comfortable and cool in summer. Dresses are comfortable hand feeling and fashionable design. Metal hot fix decorated on front body and sleeveless. Western dresses will be pretty cool for summer seasons. Western summer dresses also comes in good designs and collections.


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