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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Manna Health Mix Roasted Grains

Manna Health Mix Roasted Grains is good for babies above 6 months for their complete growth. Feeding mothers need not worry about their babies’ health since this roasted grains porridge is good for babies since it provides nutrients. It is a perfect blend of Cereals, Pulses and Nuts. It keeps your baby healthy and safe as it is NATURAL. It is
1. Good for Baby Health
2. Great Taste
3. Zero Additives

Manna Health Mix Roasted Grains comes under Certified Food Products and HACCP and ISO 22000:2005 Certified Company. It fixed price is Rs 170.00.

Manna Health Mix Roasted GrainsManna Health Mix Roasted Grains contain 15 natural grains which is best for your babies. Manna Health Mix contains nature's best source of cereals and pulses which is processed in a 100% natural way, without any chemical preservative or additive. Manna's 16 vital ingredients keep nervous system healthy. It is a unique blend of Fried Gram, Soya Bean and Green Gram which provides required strength to muscles. Its 9 essential amino acids provide complete nutrients in a natural way. It has all nutrients essential required for the complete growth of children.

This pack contains only roasted grains so you need to grind them to make powder. Allow it to cool and then store it into air tight jar. Manna Health Mix is also available in online.

Ragi, Millet, Maize, Jowar, Wheat, Barley, Fried Gram, Green Gram, Sago, Groundnut, Cashewnut, Badam, Red Rice and Cardamom.

Steps to make Porridge:
Take 1 teaspoon of this powder. Add 100 ml of milk or water and mix it well. Boil this mixture by stirring continuously for 3 minutes. Add sugar or salt to taste and serve your babies.

Southern Health Foods Pvt. Ltd
AL 84, I floor, 4th street,
11th main road, Anna nagar,
Chennai: 600 040
Telephone: + 91: 44: 26283991, 26286620
Website: www.mannafoods.in

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