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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

BlueStone Working Women Collection

BlueStone Working Women Collection
BlueStone which is famous among many people in Bangalore has introduced new elegant jewellery collection Boardroom Glam 2 especially for women working in office. Since Bangalore is a high tech city many loves to buy BlueStone collection. These collections look fantastic, attractive, exquisite and superior. Women love to purchase jewellery from BlueStone.
Boardroom Glam 2 is a new product introduced in BlueStone. There are different unique designs like The Ingot Axis Earrings, The Careen Axis Bangle, The Tripartite Axis Necklace, The Ingot Axis Necklace, The Plat Axis Necklace, The Elongated Axis Earrings, The Coveted Axis Earrings, The Aeonic Axis Necklace, The Tripartite Axis Ring, The Lucent Axis Necklace, The Contour Axis Bracelet, The Lucent Axis Earrings, The Careen Axis Necklace, The Careen Axis Bangle and The Aeonic Axis Earrings.
BlueStone Working Women Collection
Boardroom Glam 2 perfectly marries style with professionalism and is an enhancing accessory that makes her look 'a woman at work'. In White gold they mix an alloy named Palladium instead of Nickel for making it safe for all types of skin.
BlueStone Working Women CollectionBlueStone Working Women Collection
BlueStone Working Women Collection
BlueStone Working Women Collection
String O’ Love:
String O’ Love is another new collection introduced for customer to make their own jewellery by Customize, Create and Confess method. String O’ Love contains initials with love pendant on a gold chain.
BlueStone Working Women Collection
Steps to create your own jewellery:
1. Choose a Charm (Bow of Love Charm, The Direct Love Charm, The Infinite Romance Charm, The Key to Heart Charm, The Messenger of Love Charm, The Princess Choice Charm, The Rose of Love Charm and The Winged Heart Charm).
2. Pick First Initial ( From A to Z Initials)
3. Pick Second Initial ( From A to Z Initials)
4. Choose A Chain ( Chain Size includes 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch and 24 inch)
5. Review and Place Order.

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