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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kishkinta Readymade Garments Sivakasi

Kishkinta Readymade Garments is located in a town called Sivakasi. In Tamilnadu, India, Sivakasi is a town in Virudhunagar District. 70% of the Indian country’s produce for firecracker and match factories comes from Sivakasi and also 30% of the total diaries produced in India come from Sivakasi printing industries. You can find wonderful collections of saree and chudihars in Kishkinta Readymade Garments. They have the latest collections of sarees and fashionable blouses. For men’s, you can have shirts, trousers, pants, T-shirts and men’s garments. You can either buy clothes in materials or as whole in this shop.

People tend to do shopping in Kishkinta Readymade Garments as you can purchase the clothes quickly with fewer crowds. They greet people warmly and have a good customer service. They are not tired of showing people the latest collections and showing readymades within their budgets. Their smiley faces tend to attract crowds into their shop daily.


It is easily accessible by common people as it is situated in New Road. People can go for options and can purchase clothes within their budgets. The materials are good and natural. They do not fade off or tear off as we wash or dry them. Whenever people have leisure time, they will come and visit Kishkinta Readymade Garments. Discounts are set as per the occasions which are fair and seen most of the year.

Kishkinta Readymade Garments have a good preview in the minds of Sivakasi people. One can do shopping with your family members peacefully here. No need to rush or be crushed in heavy crowds, no need to fear for missing things, no need to worry about the price and no need of getting disappointed in customer service. Shop wisely and go happily from Kishkinta Readymade Garments.


126, New Road, Sivakasi - 626123

Telephone Number: + 91 4562 275271

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