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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kavitha Textiles Sivakasi

Kavitha Textiles is one of the favourite shopping places to people who live in and around Sivakasi. It is located in the main shopping bazaar of Sivakasi where the place seems to be crowded most of the time. Kavitha Textiles is well known for its fair price and good customer service. Each and every customer who visits Kavitha Textiles is treated as a unique customer. They are sent back to home happily by satisfying their wishes and demand. It is one of the best clothing stores in Sivakasi compared to other competing textiles. People tend to chose shop like Kavitha Textiles where they can park their vehicle comfortably without any traffic disturbances.
Kavitha Textiles have created a page in Facebook so that people outside or around Sivakasi will come to know about its quality and fair price. They have all the sections from infant baby, kids, young men and women till old generation. Kavitha Textiles is also known for its discount sale on festivals and on special occasions. It is a wonderful place for kids and women.
You can see multiple colors of same saree design in Kavitha Textiles compared to other textile shops. You can also order in dozens the saree design and color you needed. They will fulfill your requirement in small amount of time and deliver it in the way people request.
Kavitha Textiles is one of the biggest showroom in Sivakasi tempt people to look in the showroom for any new arrivals and to buy them. Different floors include different sections and make people comfortable to buy. So if you tend to spend time in Sivakasi, kindly come and visit Kavitha Textiles. Then you will place a like and comment in Facebook for Kavitha Textiles.

Kavitha Textiles Address
SH 187, Palaniandavar Colony, Kaliappa Nagar
Phone :04562-276622

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