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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pothys Aadi Sale Special

Pothys Aadi Sale – Piggy Bank is Back!!!!

Pothys the renowned textile shop is back with Aadi sale and the much awaited piggy bank is back. Pothys is offering discount on all its products and also offers piggy to their customers. Pothys compliments saving plans by issuing piggy bank to their customers. Pothys is flooded with dress materials, sarees, kid’s collection, men’s shirts and pants and many more. They are giving discount on all the materials and they have super exciting collections. Their silk collections are a must for one to check out. They have many designer sarees and they have roped in Nayanthara to advertise their designer sarees.

There are different varieties of piggy bank available for the customers. According to the bill purchase, there different type of piggy banks issued to their customers. The piggy banks are very colorful and they are sure to impress the kids. Pothys also issues a suitcase for customers who purchase above Rs.30, 000 and pothys issues a bag for customers who purchase above Rs.10, 000. Pothys encourages children to save money by issuing piggy bank to the kids. These piggy banks are designed using the doll, car and other cartoon characters to impress the kids. A few of them include spider man, house, Scooby dooby doo and many more. The customer services offered by them are excellent. Pothys is always known to attract the customers using their innovative ideas.

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