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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Anushka Vivaha Pattu Sarees at Chennai Silks

For any marriage, the ideal dress code will be “Pattu Saree”. Really it brings great look to the women. Even those their are many types of sarees like designer sarees, silk sarres, shiffon sarees and many other, but pattu as its own special look. Even in pattu, you can find various kinds like samudrika pattu, parampara pattu, kanchipuram pattu and others. Here is a other pattu saree which is called as “Vivaha Pattu“. Vivaha pattu saree is available in the Chennai silks showroom. Now a days this pattu is becoming much popular and famous. Many people are preferring to ware this during the wedding. Vivaha pattu sarees are designed with different patters and colors.

You can see Anushka is the model for Vivaha pattu sarees. You can get this pattu sarees at different ranges. You can go with the cost which you feel better.

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