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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Restaurants at Ramoji Film City

Hi friends,

We all know that out side food is not allowed into Ramoji film city. To serve you many well reputed restaurants is available. There you can find large variety of culinary options to go with.

Here are the some of the List of Restaurants at Ramoji Film City are:


It is one of the excellent hotel which is completely air conditioned. It has multi-cuisine buffet restaurant.

  • DIL SE:Dil se Resturant at Ramoji Film City

It is a vegetarian restaurant. All the items are served in the South Indian style.


At Ramoji, we all know the Fundustan is a part of entertainment. This restaurant is located over the fundustan. It is a train restaurant at fundustan.


If you want to taste the American style of fast food then you can reach this restaurant at Wild west. It is located at Eureka.  

Hotel at Ramoji film city


Most of them like to taste the Hyderabadi food. For them this will be the best chance. It is a authentic Hyderabad restaurant.


It is a food court at Movie Magic.


If you are pure vegetarian then you can reach here. It is a Jain vegetarian buffet restaurant.

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