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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Free Bowl with Britannia Good Day Biscuit

Friends I have a great news for you all. Britannia is a well reputed company product. The sales of that company biscuit is more in the market. For increasing the demand they are recently offering free gift with the Britannia good day biscuit.

Normally the goody is available in 2 different flavors. One is chewnuts and other is butter. Good day chewnut costs around 13. Rs and butter flavor costs 10.Rs.

Now they have increased the size of the biscuit packet as well as the price. Along with it you can get the free bowl. The price of the Good day butter is just Rs. 15. The bowl is also well designed. The bowl is made up of glass. The weight of the biscuit pack is 126 grams.

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