Simple Way To Make PIZZA SAUCE Just in 15 Minutes... MUST TRY RECIPE!!!

Friday, January 21, 2022


Recipe of pizza sauce ingredients:

 *5 tomatoes( make slits on it) 

*1 medium size onion 

*6 dry red chilly 

* 20 to 25 garlic pods 

* little water 

*salt to taste 

*pinch of sugar 

*1/2 tbs chilly power 

*1tbs cornflour mixed with little water 

How to make pizza sauce: 

Take a cooker+ tomatoes+dry chilly+little water+keep it in whistle for 3 min+remove dry chilly and tomatoes in a plate+ in the same left over water add onions+ garlic+ whistle for 3 min+grind tomatoes, dry chilly, garlic, onion. Take pan+paste+ let it boil + salt+ chilly powder+sugar+ cornflour water+ let it boil and become thick+ now our yummy pizza sauce is ready


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