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Monday, January 26, 2015

Shivajinagar Shopping area in Banglore

In Bangalore, all the prices are little higher when compared to the other states. Bangalore is considered as the metro city in Karnataka. Most people think that the best place for having a wonderful shopping experience is only at Bangalore shopping malls. But even for the middle class people in Bangalore can have a wonderful shopping experience at Shivajinagar. At Shivajinagar, their are hundred’s of stores for kids, women's and gents. Bargaining at shivajinagar will help you in saving little more money.

Shivajinagar is located adjacent to Bangalore Cantonment which is nearby to M.G road. Shivajinagar is famous for the Muslims hotels where you can get kebab, biryani and Haleem.

Shivajinagar Shops:

At shivajinagar shops, their are best collection of clothing at very reasonable price. In fact this is a place where you can save you money and we can tell that it the middle class shopping area. Beyond shopping you can even get the utensils for your kitchen.

Shivajinagar Shopping malls:

Some shopping malls which are near to the Shivajinagar area is MG road mall.

Shivajinagar Fancy store:

Bangles, necklace set, clips and many other ornaments are also available at shivajinager fancy stores. Some of the famous fancy stores areAkshaya Bangales, Chudi ghar, Arun Novelties, Ishtaq fancy items and many others.

Shivajinagar Hotels:

Shivajinager is famous for the muslim hotels, some of the mouthwatering dishes are onion samosa, haleem, Irani chai, chats, sweets and many others. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WhatsApp from PC Web Browser

A good news for all WhatsApp lovers. 

WhatsApp introduced a new feature called "WhatsApp Web". This feature allows you to pair your mobile phone and PC browser to use WhatsApp .

As of now this feature will work on Android,BlackBerry and BB10, Nokia S60 and Windows Phone users.

How to use WhatsApp in PC web?
1. Open Chrome or Firefox or Opera browser   and navigate http://web.whatsapp.com
2. You could able to see QR code.
3. Now you need to scan that QR code from your whatsapp mobile app. (make sure your whatsapp having a latest version. If not update to latest version)
4. open WhatsApp app in Phone -> Menu -> WhatsApp Web.
5) scan the QR code. Now it will be paired with your PC.

You can see/manage logged in computers from your phone, WhatsApp -> menu -> WhatsApp Web.

Note: This feature is an extension of your whatsapp in phone. All your whatsapp messages will be available in your phone. Your phone still needs to be connected with Internet.

Pochampally Sarees

Pochampally  saree  is made  in  Bhoodan  Pochampally  Nalgonda  Districh , Telangana  State,India they are popular for their Traditional Geometric patterns in  Lkat  style of  dyeing
Pochampally  sarees  have  been  popular  since  early 1800s . In 19th century popular with traders in the silk route which symbolized  luxury  and power  found  in UNESCE  tentative list of world heritage sites as part of ICONIC  saree  weaving  clusters of Indian.

The  Indian Government  official  air  carrier, Air India Air Hostess Ware Specially Designed Pochampally Silk Sarees The popular Indian Model former Miss World and Actross  Aishwarya Rai Bachan wore a pochampally saree on her wedding and reception

Pochampally  sarees are of so many types Pochampally Cotton, Rich  Pallu Pochampally, Warp Design sarees, Spunsilk  saree, Buti  sarees, Double Ikat Pochampally Saree, Half-half style ,plain simply Elegant Pochampally silk, Work Pochampally sarees  etc.

We can Buy Pochampally sarees in most of the shopping Malls like Kalanajali, Apco , RS Brothers, Chandana  Brothers,  CMR ,  Kalanekathan , Rmkv, South India shopping mall, Chennai shopping mall, Nalli silks etc.

The pochampally   saree  starting range is from 500 to 10000 and beyond also for designer sarees and this pochampally sarees  are famous in Telangana and Andra pradesh.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Little Nathella Bangalore

In Bangalore, there are various shopping malls because most of the people prefer to purchase the things over there. At one place you can get all the accessories which you need. Some of the most famous shopping malls in Bangalore are Element Mall, Signature Mall, Forum mall, Total mall, Central mall, Phoenix mall and many more.

They are various jewellery showrooms for women's to make themselves look beautiful for any special occasion. Similarly, every mother wants to make their kids beautiful by wearing precious Gold or Platinum ornaments. But there are no special jewellery showrooms for your kids. Recently, little Nathella has designed special jewellery for the kids from the age group of 0 to 12 years.

To might have wondering little Nathella showroom is located at Chennai. They have even launched their showroom in Bangalore too. So, the people staying in Bangalore can also presents the wonderful ornaments to their kids on special occasions like birthdays, cradles ceremony and many others. Little Nathella showroom is started in Bangalore phoenix market city. Most of the parents would prefer to go with little Nathella jewellery showrooms because a specially designed each and every jewellery in a unique way which suits your kid. Some of the jewellery may have sharp edges which may hurt your kids but if you make your purchase at Nathella you can avoid this kind of problems. Especially, this kind of jewellery is most preferred for the new born babies. Let your infants start their beautiful life by wearing the precious jewelleries. Some of the ornaments for your baby girl’s are necklace sets, earrings, hip chain, bangles, anklets, rings, short chains, long chains, vanki, nose pin and many others. I hope that the lightweight jewellery would be comfortable for your little ones. Most of the designs at little Nathella meet your expectation.

This Nathella showroom is located at second floor of phoenix market city. While making the purchase of jewellery at the showroom you can save lots of your money if you go on with saving schemes which is presented by them. No other jewellery showroom can offer you this kind of schemes and jewellery vouchers for the purchase that you make. Hope that you will have a visit to the Bangalore little Nathella and make your kids happy by getting them beautiful gift.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Elements Mall Nagawara, Near Manyata Bangalore

Elements mall is been recently constructed in Bangalore Nagavara. Elements mall is located very near to Manyata Embassy Park. It is a four stored mall.

Elements mall have recently had a great celebration of Christmas mega kids carnival on 19th to 29th December.

It is the mall where we can find the hot deals on the fashion, electronics and many more . Elements mall has Soch store which is offering the red dot sale. So you can get all the fashionable clothing at good discount price.
We can consider it is the favorite shopping mall for the middle class people because it has SPAR super market. By making the purchase at SPAR we can able to save lots of the money because the products are available below MRP.

Elements mall has various stores like Lifestyle, Sports, women's wear. leisure, Holidays, kids wear, Hyper market, Home furnishing, inner wear, health-beauty, footwear, crockery and electronics.
To make you day special with the family. You can have a yummi dinning at food court like healthy lovers, paranthas and  dosas. wangs kitchen, Dominos, KFC, kiosk, krispy kreme,

For movie lovers, the elements mall has brought PVR Cinemas to entertain you. The cost of each ticket at PVR Cinemas is 350/- per head.
Parking Charges in Elements Mall
2 Wheeler 20Rs for first two hours
4 Wheeler 50Rs

You can find here the Bangalore elements mall photos

PVR cimimas elements mall PVR elements Mall PVR in elements mall SPAR Hypermart in Elements mall SPAR Hypermart Bangalore Element Mall Element Mall Nagavara Elements Mall  Elements mall bangalore image Elements mall bangalore nagavara elements mall Bangalore Elements mall front Elements Mall Shopping Elements Mall SPAR Shopping Elements mall Spar elements mall Thanisandra Elements malls Fun Kids elements mall Nagavara elements mall