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Monday, January 26, 2015

Shivajinagar Shopping area in Banglore

In Bangalore, all the prices are little higher when compared to the other states. Bangalore is considered as the metro city in Karnataka. Most people think that the best place for having a wonderful shopping experience is only at Bangalore shopping malls. But even for the middle class people in Bangalore can have a wonderful shopping experience at Shivajinagar. At Shivajinagar, their are hundred’s of stores for kids, women's and gents. Bargaining at shivajinagar will help you in saving little more money.

Shivajinagar is located adjacent to Bangalore Cantonment which is nearby to M.G road. Shivajinagar is famous for the Muslims hotels where you can get kebab, biryani and Haleem.

Shivajinagar Shops:

At shivajinagar shops, their are best collection of clothing at very reasonable price. In fact this is a place where you can save you money and we can tell that it the middle class shopping area. Beyond shopping you can even get the utensils for your kitchen.

Shivajinagar Shopping malls:

Some shopping malls which are near to the Shivajinagar area is MG road mall.

Shivajinagar Fancy store:

Bangles, necklace set, clips and many other ornaments are also available at shivajinager fancy stores. Some of the famous fancy stores areAkshaya Bangales, Chudi ghar, Arun Novelties, Ishtaq fancy items and many others.

Shivajinagar Hotels:

Shivajinager is famous for the muslim hotels, some of the mouthwatering dishes are onion samosa, haleem, Irani chai, chats, sweets and many others. 

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