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Monday, September 23, 2019

Trendy Designs of Nose Rings

Different names for nose rings:
Nose ring is a part of decorative ornament used by women. This nose ring is worn over a nose. For this, we need to pierc the skin. We can call this with different names like nostril piercing or nose piercing.After piercing it takes 4 to 5 months to heal the wound, but now a days you can have this piercing done a beauty parlour. They use gun shot to do piercing which is pain free.

This nose ring is often called with different names in different languages such as Nose pin(English), Mookuti(Tamil), nath(Hindi), naka di riga(Punjabi), mukkutti(Malayalam),Natha(Marati), Nakako authi(Nepali), Mukku pudaka( Telugu),Nakera nolaka(Bangla).

This nose rings are often worn in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and so on... This nose ring jewellery is available in different sizes and designs. Some designes of nose rings suits the jeans and gives a great look. Authentic nose ring jewellers is mostly used by the brides. They are quite big in size with stones studded in it. In ancient period, people use to wear this nath.

Pressing nose ring:
Now a days, if you are afraid to have a pierc our skin then you can use this pressing model of nose rings. It is available in market very easily.

Cost of nose Pins:
Next coming to the cost of nose rings. If you want to purchase a gold, silver, platinum or diamond nose rings then the price completely depend on the weight of the ornament and today’s metal rate. If you want to get the artificial nose rings then the cost may vary from 10 rp to 1000 rp. You can even have a purchase of this nose rings through online. Many well reputed jewellery showrooms offer this online services.

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