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Friday, March 25, 2016

Different names for Hair ornaments of Rajastani/ Rajasthan

When we think of the jewellery, we always remember the Rajasthani jewelers because it is the most unique and attractive. In Rajasthan artificial jewelers, we can get the heavy weighted jewellery with diamonds and emeralds.
Previously our Indian kings and queens use to decorate themselves with a jewellery. Here is the list of Rajastani jewellery which were used by kings and queens.
Now, we can find the sarpech only in the museums as it was worn by the kings. This sarpech is called with different names such as:
Different names for Hair ornaments of Rajastani/ Rajasthan:
SARPECH and KALGI : in India                                            
JIKKA or JIQA or SORGUCH : in Persia
This sarpech Rajasthan jewellery is worn by the Hindu and Muslim kings. It is a turban ornament which was produced in 16th and 17th centuries. The basic sarpech pattern is flat and it is called as “hamwar”.
In wall paining of ajantha, you can find a women wearing hear ornament sarpech which was painted 200 years ago.
The head ornament sarpech was popularized in the north by mogals emperors.
Jadanagam is one of the ornament which is mostly worn by the brides to decorate the braided hair. In English jadanagam, is called as hair serpent.
Another type of hair ornament is rakkadi, which is to be clipped at the back of the hair.  Rakkadi is mostly In the shape of the sun, crescent moon shap rakkadi and in thazhambu flower shape. In English “THAZHAMBU FLOWER” is called “SCREWPINE”. This rakkadi is followed by the braided ornament which is studded with many diamonds and ruby. A the end it is bursts out with a three tassels which is held together by a encrusted bells.
In the ancient days, this bridal jewellery was adopted by “DEVADASIS” or temple dancers. Now a days, you can find the Bharatnatyam dancers wearing this bridal jewellery with sun and moon shapes.

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