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Saturday, December 20, 2014

RMKV Shopping Mall In Bangalore

 Rmkv Store was founded in the year 1924 by Sri Rm.K.Viswanatha pillai , Rmkv is the one of the reputed and 88 years old brand opened its first store in Bangalore at Orion Mall.

Rmkv textiles is the complete family store for Men ,Women, Kids can shop in their own style. They are three sections Women one , Men Second and the Third is Kids.

For women they are so Many types of  Sarees , Churidar set, Mainly, in RMKV sarees collections  they are so many varitious Traditional silk, Embroidery Silk, Banars Hand Woven Sarees, Printed Silk, Mysore Silk , Cot Silk, Row Silk,Tussar, Emboridery Fancy, Causal Sarees , Cotton Sarees, and for Women different types of Churidar sets like Unstitched and ready to wear, Kurta, pavadai, Davani(Half saree)and in Wedding Collection they have Theme Silk, Natural Silk, lino lights, light Silk, 9 Yards, Pochampalli Sarees .

Man have Formal shirts, Causal shirts, Raw silk shirts, Varieties of  Kurta like Pure Cotton kurta, Blended kurta and Row Slik kurta, Waist Cost Kurta, Dhotis are of so many types Silk Dhoti ,Cotton dhoti, Linen Dhoti, blended Silk Dhoti and Art Silk Dhoti, T-Shits and Shirting and Suiting.
Kids Both Girls wear and Boys wear like  Pavadai and Davani(half saree). RMKV discounts is also very attractive which is offered during Ashadam Sale, Addi Sale, Clearance sale and so on… Bill payment at RMKV can be done in the form of net cash, credit card or debit card…

If you like to have Readymade for Kids Gents and Ladies you can simply visit RMKV showroom in Orion Shopping Mall

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