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Sunday, February 19, 2012

GRT Gold savings scheme

GRT is a very well known jeweler in Chennai. Initially it started its functioning from the Usman road and now they have spread over the city with various branches. Since its inception 1964 GRT has impressed their customers with quality jewels. Unlike other jewelry shops GRT doesn’t give any discount on the gold rate. They keep the gold rate as standard and help the customers by reducing the making charges and wastage. The GRT gold savings scheme is one of the interesting schemes for the customers. This scheme will help the customers to some amount every month and finally when it accumulates to a big sum they can buy gold according to their likes. The minimum amount a customer has to deposit every month is Rs.500. And they will have to deposit this amount for a minimum period of 15 months. GRT will give a bonus of Rs.200 (which could be taken as a gift or cash), also GRT will pay one installment for the customers.

For example, if a customer chooses to pay Rs. 500 every month, GRT will give Rs. 200 (Gift or cash) along with Rs. 500 (one installment). The calculation goes likes this,

Every month customer pays -                                      Rs.500

By the end of 15 months he would have paid -          Rs.7500

GRT bonus -                                                                  Rs.200

GRT’s one month installment -                                     Rs.500


Totally the customer will get -                                      Rs.8200

The customer can choose to buy any of the products from GRT using this scheme. The customer will be given a card in which every month entry would be put when he pays the amount and that card has to be produced during the time of buying. The customers can make the payment by cash or card. There are various gifts available for the customers if they choose to get the bonus as gifts. Few of the gifts available are, iron box, pressure cooker, cooking sets, bags and many more.

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