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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cerrone Showroom

Cerrone is the most amazing jewellery shop in Sydney.Cerrone has a marvelous collection of engagement rings, diamond, coloured semi-precious stone jewellery and custom made pieces. Each piece is a unique collection which is individually handcrafted.

Nicola Cerrone is an artist of excellence design and the managing director for Cerrone Jewellers. He is one of the Australia’s most successful and awarded jewellers. Cerrone Jewellers was started over 30 years ago and now it has three retails stores. First seen in Catherine Street Leichhardt and said to be the true home of Cerrone Jewellers. In 1988, second outlet was opened in Castlereagh Street, Sydney and third outlet was opened in 1998 at Cross Street Double Bay and then relocated to Sydney's Martin Place.

Cerrone is highly famous for its engagement rings collections as they are very exclusive and unique.


Ø Engagement rings

Ø Coloured Diamonds

Ø Coloured Semi- Precious Stone Jewellery

Ø Dress Rings

Ø Necklaces

Ø Bracelets

Ø Pearls

Ø Earrings

Ø Wedding Bands

Ø Baby Jewellery

Ø Men’s Jewellery

Ø Watches


1. ARIA :

Aria Collection reflects the rich colours of different countries, nature and cultures.


Passione Collection reflects the ancient skill of craftsmanship. Each piece shows us innovative setting techniques, original facets and new designs of cut stones.



Manhattan collections used to influence the riches of the famous New York City.


Un Bacio Collections contains the heart shaped pendants.


Carmela Cerrone Collections reflects the individualism creativity. It is handmade, has dynamic shapes and layers are covered richly by semiprecious gemstones.


Cerrone has Classic initial pendent and name tag where you can choose alphabets from A-Z for your beloved, your best friend or your child. It’s a perfect gift since they can wear close to their heart!

You can also find a tremendous collection of the birth stones from Cerrone. The birth stone for December is the Blue Topaz which symbols love and fidelity. Blue Topaz contains the cool blue gemstone.

The birth stone for September is Sapphire. Opal is the modern birth stone for October. Opal symbols hope, faith and confidence.

PERIDOT is the birth stone for August and it has a pleasant green colour which symbolizes fame, dignity, protection and success.



Pink Diamond is the rarest of all the diamonds and becomes rarer as time passes. An Argyle pink diamond is said to be the ultimate expression of rarity, luxury and beauty. Cerrone is presents this rare diamonds to its royal customers. The latest arrival of the Pink Diamond is the emerald cut pink diamond ring with 18 carat white gold. This pink diamond ring worth $1 Million.



You can find many attractive collections for babies like bracelet, pendent, neck chain, rosary, and earrings…….etc.


Cerrone watch collections include brands like Baume & Mercier, Dior, Gucci, TagHeuer, Philip Stein, Raymond Weil, Longiness and Frederique Constant Geneve.


1) Dyed Fresh Water Pearl Amethyst Rose Quartz Seven Strand Bracelet ended in a Silver Magnetic Clasp.

2) Carnelian, Peach Moonstone, Citrine and Freshwater Pearl 5 Bracelet ended in a gold plated magnetic clasp.

3) Aquamarine African Opal and Fresh Water Pearl Bead 5 row bracelet ended in a gold plated magnetic clasp.

4) Coral, Onyx and silver ball 20 row bracelet ended in a silver magnetic clasp.

We can find the diamond shape as round, pear, cushion cut, princess, emerald, cushion, Asher or radiant, oval and marquise. Cerrone collections are Divine, magnificent, exquisite, beautiful, gorgeous, splendid and elegant.

Website: http://www.cerrone.com.au

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