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Monday, June 27, 2011

Play Schools in India

Play school is a place where children aged between 1.5 years to 2.5 are admitted and they are thought few basic concepts. The basic concepts include colors, shapes, activities etc. In these modern days children are getting very curious and most of them could not be managed at home. The kids are made to stay in the play school for two hours independently. These kids are taught rhymes and are given toys to play with. The play school is not school where kids are taught to read and write. Here kids are made to play and all the new things are introduced to them through small concepts. They are taught sharing, giving back things with out crying and social behaviors. There would be a play be a play facility for the kids where they can enjoy most of the time.

The numbers of play schools are increasing every day since most of the parents are very keen in getting their kids admitted in a good play school so that the kid doesn’t turn out to be naughty. Many play school arrange for the birthday parties, outing, and fun time for the kids to stay entertained. Once the kids are into the play school they learn to interact with their friends and will learn new concepts. Before getting in to the Pre KG which is for kids after 2.5 years, the play school will definitely be a good start. Also choosing the right play school is important. Few things which needs to be kept in mind while choosing the play school are : the cleanliness, the sanitized properties, the ratio between the student and teacher, the amount of attention each kid gets at school, the materials they use for teaching the kids and finally the quality of the teachers. A good and a steady start are very much important for a healthy and perfect school life for kids.

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