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Saturday, April 30, 2011

T.Nagar Shopping in Chennai

T.Nagar Shopping in Chennai

Every individual will like shopping, since buying new things creates joy. There are many places to go for shopping in the Chennai city. But, T.Nagar holds a special place in the customer's heart when it come to shopping. T.Nagar is centrally located in the city and it has access to many buses and trains from every part of the city. T.Nagar has many textile shops, jewelry shops, furniture shops, utensils shops and many more. Giant textile shops like Pothys, Chennai Silks, Nalli, Kumaran, Saravana stores, Jeyachandran, RMKV are located in T.Nagar.

Few of the jewelry shops in this area include GRT, Lalitha jewelry, Joy alukas, Kumaran jewelry, Saravana jewelry, Dhanalakshmi jewelry and many more. There are a variety of shops in this area and the customers are sure to be impressed. T.Nagar was a crowded place before and now after the construction of the new bridge the traffic has reduced. There is a lot of parking space for cars and two wheelers.

T.Nagar is accessible from every part of the city. T.Nagar also has many restaurants and hotels where the shoppers can have the food after a tire some shopping. There are many platform shops in T.Nagar which has many food items, toys, clothes and many more. The shops are placed in the street in an orderly manner. T.Nagar has every thing for the shopping lovers and it is a one stop solution for all the customers needs. The T.Nagar bus stand is located very much close to the shopping area. The Mambalam railway station is also very near to the shopping area.

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